Schedule of water service upgrading works

DATE               :NOVEMBER 28, 2014 (FRIDAY)

TIME                :9 AM    5 PM (8 hours)

REASON    :Interconnection of  the newly laid pipe on Harmonis Residences along St.Scholastica’s Road, Sitio Hollow Block, Lagtang, Talisay City   

AREAS AFFECTED : LOW PRESSURE TO NO WATER – Hollow Block Village, River View Village, parte sa Rafael Rabaya Road, Lagtang Road, Talisay City

DATE            :NOVEMBER  28 ,  2014 (FRIDAY)

TIME             :10 AM  – 6 PM  (8 hours)

REASON      :Alteration of mainline pipe at corners E Sabellano  and  I. Tabura Sts., Poblacion Pardo  affected  by  drainage  project

AREAS AFFECTED : LOW PRESSURE TO NO WATER – E. Sabellano St., J. Tabura, I. Tabura St., upper portion on Gov. Dela Victoria St., Cebu City

  MCWD apologizes for any inconvenience that these interruptions may cause our consumers. These water service interruptions are needed to improve the delivery of our service.  Our personnel will exert extra efforts to finish the activity on schedule or ahead of schedule to restore the water service. 

            Except for other developments, these water service interruptions will push through as scheduled.  However, these do not include other interruptions resulting from unexpected power failures and/or emergency mainline leak repairs or building up of water pressure.  Consumers are advised to prepare for the scheduled interruption by storing water.

                         For more information, please contact the MCWD Call Center at 254-8434 local 0, 412-1836 and at mobile phone nos. 0917-3219821, 0917-5464278 and 0917-3255970.  It is open from 7am to 12 midnight daily.


 (open 24 hours Mondays-Saturdays, 7 AM to 12 AM Sundays)

254-8434 local 0          0917-3219821

      412-1836                  0917-5464278


Wise water use is important

Because :


* Water is a valuable natural resource that is shared by everyone.

* The amount of water on earth does not change.

* Water is not always available when we need it most.

* There are many people who are also in dire need of water.

* Pollution makes water more difficult to clean and be safe for all of us  to  use.

* Wasting water wastes energy.

* It takes energy to treat, pump and transport water.

* Water is a limited resource, thus the need to use it wisely.


            Let us conserve this limited resource for today and for the future