MCWD’s hard work pays off 1st quarter corporate performance



MCWD top management presents the Operational Highlights for the 1st quarter of 2012 to the general workforce

The water district’s operational highlights for the 1st quarter of this year reflect the result of hard work and dedication of the entire MCWD family. All the five corporate performance targets were met and were even exceeded.

      Operations AGM Ernie T. Delco said that MCWD hit the lowest Non-Revenue Water percentage by far at 26 percent from 28. “When the NRW is reduced to the lowest possible level, the difference translates into higher water sales for the water district,” he further explained.

As for the 1st quarter corporate performance, MCWD hit and exceeded the following performance parameters vis-à-vis the targets:

Water Production:

Target  : 182, 578cu.m.

Actual  : 185,175cu.m.

Water Sales:

Target  : 130,730cu.m.

Actual  : 135,781cu.m.

Gross Revenue:

Target  : 306.650M

Actual  : 324.484M

Number of Service Connections:

Target  : 140,871

Actual  : 141,993

Non-Revenue Water:

Target   : 28.40%      

Actual   : 26.67%

     Meanwhile, AGM Delco added that MCWD’s income vis-à-vis its corporate expense for January to March 2012 showcases the hard work of the corporation while maintaining austerity measures by keeping expenses within the budget set. The difference is then converted into the corporate performance incentive. “The scale between our net income ratio compared with that of our expenses during the same period speaks of how good we are at controlling our expenditures while, at the same time, putting a premium on our corporate performance”, he concluded.