MCWD-JICA partners for improved   water supply management



he Metro Cebu Water District and the Japan International Cooperation  Agency (JICA) inked a memorandum of understanding on Technical Assistance on Water Supply Operation and Management for MCWD.  The project document identifies the current challenges the water district is facing which are high and stagnating Non-Revenue Water (NRW of about 30%), low service coverage (55% of population), deteriorating quality of water sources, limited groundwater, below 24-hour service, lack of government support and threat of competition with private water suppliers.

            Faced with such challenges, the project was conceptualized to assist in MCWD’s effort to improve service efficiency and effectiveness of water supply, such as the enhancement of water supply reliability and  NRW reduction, in order to meet the socio-economic demand and well being of the residents in Metro Cebu of the Philippines.

                The road to enhancement of the efficiency and effectiveness of the water supply operation of MCWD in the following areas will be made clear:

- water distribution network for NRW reduction

- water quality of ground water sources

- operation of Tisa Water Treatment Plant

- CS (customer service/customer satisfaction) and public relations

                The desired project output will be undertaken through the assistance of or dispatch of experts in the field of  water supply and operation, distribution network and water treatment expert, water quality expert and water business management expert.

                The MOU also sees the relevance of training courses in Japan under the program on distribution network improvement for NRW reduction and improvement in service and water quality management. Likewise, appropriate machinery and equipment will be purchased to carry out the improvements which will be proposed under the project.

                Dispatch of experts and training in Japan will be done within the first up to the third quarter of 2012.

                Project duration is one year wherein both MCWD and JICA commits to undertake all the conditions in the MOU.