MCWD envisions itself to be a progressive and economically viable utility firm that provides adequate, safe, potable and affordable water and an effective sewerage system for Metro Cebu.



We are committed to undertake continuing exploration and development activities, aimed at the preservation and sustainability of our water resources. We must always adhere to sound practices in preserving our natural environment.

Our capability to provide proper services must continuously improve by designing and managing the growth of infrastructure in an innovative, timely, safe and cost-effective manner and conforming to internationally accepted standards.

We shall operate and maintain our facilities in an optimal manner, making total quality an integral part of our performance.

It is then indispensable to nurture a highly-motivated workforce, with a strong spirit of collaboration, deeply committed to professionalism, and firmly focused on productivity.

The workforce shall be upheld and inspired by a competent management team dedicated to the common good of MCWD.

All these tasks must be accompanied by sound and prudent financial management with the overriding goal of providing better services to the people of Metro Cebu.



To attain our vision through the fulfillment of our mission we must establish a culture deeply

characterized by our core values. Everything that we do in the office and in the field on a da-to-day basis must be imbued by the force of these our core values.

Spirit of Service. Anchored in the belief that our major reward in work consists in making people happy because we serve them well.

  • Let us be accessible to all our customers and serve them with sincere and honest attention.
  • Our spirit of service must go beyond responding to the customers’ complaints by providing - them with prompt service and accurate information.

Moral Integrity. Built on the reality that human dignity and happiness is essentially linked to the practice of moral values in the workplace and elsewhere.

  • Genuine selflessness will be our prime motive for doing our work. This means that we principally desire to be of valuable service to people, and not to do our work simply because of what we can get in return.
  • Avoid all use of influence and connections to get undue favors for oneself or for others, and refuse to influence one another negatively.
  • Let us encourage a lifestyle that is truly respectful of a person’s dignity.
  • Reject all use of MCWD resources and time for our own personal convenience and financial benefit.

Loyalty to Our Institution. Rooted in the intrinsic values of our corporation worthy of our love and pride.

  • Let us align our personal goals with the corporate goals of MCWD. It would be a disservice for any employee of MCWD to use undue influence which is in conflict with the corporate goals.
  • Deep concern about the image of MCWD must characterize our behavior at all times. We must strive to contribute to the good image of MCWD by doing our work selflessly with competence and integrity.
  • Loyalty to our institution lead us to be mutually supportive of all the employees and departments of MCWD with no exception whatsoever.

Professionalism. Based on a belief that our God-given talents must be made to grow and be constantly improved so that we may be of better service to people.

  • It is our personal responsibility to build our own competence by working hard and demanding a lot from ourselves, seeking to upgrade our skills and learn from our mistakes.
  • Let us create and maintain a culture where respect for work standard is paramount and where we help one another in striving for excellence.

Focus on Performance. Linked to our ideal that it is through excellence in our performance that we best serve people.

  • We must find pride and meaning in our own work, principally because we have work productively, constantly conscious of the standards we have set for ourselves.
  • Let us instill a sense of urgency in all that we do. We will fight against all forms of procrastination. This will require that we take timely and adequate initiative in all our efforts.
  • Conscious of the need for goal setting at all levels of the organization, we need to be forward-looking and review our goals often.

Stability in Unity. Founded in the knowledge that our organization will be firm and strong, anchored in the spirit of solidarity by which we all strive to contribute to the good of all.

  • The strength of an organization is found principally in the united power of people. We will foster an atmosphere of genuine trust and confidence in one another based on building competence and instilling integrity within the organization. Open and honest communication shall likewise be encouraged
  • A sense of fairness and justice would guide all our actions and thoughts. This requires a firm respect for the rights of everyone without exception. We must avoid all forms of envy and greed.