How to Apply for a Water Service Connection



The following steps are as follows:

Step 1. The water service applicants are required to attend an orientation seminar prior to the processing of their water service applications. The orientation is scheduled every Wednesday and Saturday morning ( 9:00 am to 12:00 pm ). Registration at 8:00 am. Applicants bring valid ID....

Step 2. For water service applicants who are owners of the house and lot where the water service connection be installed, he/she is required to submit the following:
a) xerox copy of land title
b) xerox copy of house tax declaration

For applicants who are not the owners of the house/building and lot, and failed to secure the signatures of the house and lot owner, in the absence of these documents mentioned thereof, he/she shall:

Sign a “waiver” and have it duly notarized. The “waiver” will serve as a temporary replacement in lieu of the land title and house tax declaration. The water service connection of the applicant is somewhat on a conditional status. Stated in the waiver is that in the event that the owner of the house and lot where the service connection is installed will complain to the water district and will request MCWD to have this particular concessionaire disconnected for the reason that he/she did not give consent, or it might be that the property owner will use his/her property anytime, the water district is given the authority to disconnect it without any legal action.

Step 3. Ask for a Water Service Application Form from the Service Connection Installation Department located at the 4th Floor, MCWD main building, situated along Lapulapu-Magallanes Streets, Cebu City. 

Step 4. After submission of the water service application, an inspection will be conducted as to where the location of the house of the applicant and as to where’s the nearest source or mainline or stubout the applicant’s service line will be tapped.

Step 5. Applicants are advised not to lay out their pipes unless and until given a go signal/approval by the area inspector.

Step 6. When approved, that’s the time the applicant will have to lay their pipes from their house up to the tapping point or water outlet/stubout.

Step 7. When pipes were already laid, the applicant will inform the Service Connection Installation Department's (SCID) area inspector that their water service connection is ready for tapping. A final inspection will be conducted as to correctness of the layout.

Step 8. Payment of the installation fees and other charges.

Step 9. Installation of the water meter. This will be done at least two (2) working days after payment of water service installation fees.